Network for Solidarity, Hope & Empowerment Cameroon

Network for Solidarity, Hope & Empowerment Cameroon

Sexual and Domestic Violence

Domestic and Sexual Violence to be made a national priority.

- We will partner with leading voices for sexual and domestic violence victims and their advocates.

- We will mobilize membership and advocacy organizations, domestic violence coalitions, allied organizations and supportive individuals, to work closely with members to understand the ongoing and emerging needs of sexual  and domestic violence victims through our advocacy programs.

- We will ensure those needs are heard and understood by policymakers at the national level.

Changing the way society responds to sexual and domestic violence.

- We will offer a range of programs and initiatives to address the complex causes and far-reaching consequences of sexual  and domestic violence.

- Through cross-sector collaborations and corporate partnerships, we will offer support to victims of sexual  and  domestic violence who are escaping abusive relationships and empowers survivors to build new lives.

Advocate to Strengthen sexual  and domestic violence at every level.

- We will provide all stakeholders with information and resources from training and technical assistance to innovative programmes and funding as we aspire to bring available resources to our local communities

- We will reiterate the need to share information and ideas within the partners platform while strengthening the partnership and working together to develop comprehensive solutions.