Network for Solidarity, Hope & Empowerment Cameroon

Network for Solidarity, Hope & Empowerment Cameroon


Job Openings

To apply for a job opening at the Network of Hope and Empowerment Cameroon, please send cover letter, resume and any additional materials requested in specific job postings via e-mail ( or drop at our office to the Network of Hope & Empowerment (Job Title and/or Contact Name listed in the posting) to Bonaberi/ Douala Cameroon 

- Current openings

We currently have no jobs opening



NHEC offers unpaid internships (both full- and part-time)  all year round.

We offer a modest commuting stipend to our dedicated Volunteers and Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

- Current internship openings

Webmaster, Advocacy Officer, Communication and development Specialists, Victims support Officer 


Volunteer Opportunities

We are currently looking for volunteers to be part of our team who can serve like focal points in the 10 regions.


Other Employment Listings

NHEC hosts job postings on its website for other NGOs/CSOs across the country.

Job seekers should contact the organizations with job postings in this section directly as NHEC does not have additional information about the jobs posted and does not participate in the hiring process for these organizations.

Learn more about job opportunities at other CSOs and NGOs.

Submit a Job Posting: CSO's and NGOs are invited to submit job openings to appear on NHEC’s website.

We will review and post job openings within one week of receiving the request, and reserves the right to deny or limit job postings.